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About Me + What’s to Come…

Chicago Blogger

Hey, this is Susy, thanks for stopping by!

Here are some random facts about myself, as well as a little bit about what’s to come:


  • I’m a  creative entrepreneur and consultant
  • I have 7 children, my first was born in the hospital the rest were born at home
  • I home-schooled my children up until 2015
  • My family has a music group and has been featured on Chicago Tonight on PBS (You can learn more at
  • I’ve successfully worked from home for many years while raising my children
  • I started an online wedding magazine and sold the business 2 years later
  • I LOVE music and dancing. Everything from 80’s pop, 90’s hip hop, to salsa, r&b and more!
  • I am in love with everything design! From typography, to event design and decor, graphic layout, fashion, branding and more. You name it, I love it
  • I’m a native of Chicago and love my city
  • I’m Latina
  • I enjoy aromatherapy and sipping tea while listening to Erykah Badu
  • I’ve lived in the Lincoln Square/Andersonville/Ravenswood area for the past 3 years.
  • I started blogging on a Montessori home-schooling blog I launched back in 2008, and used to guest write for an English lifestyle blog way back in 2004!
  • I love dessert! If it’s colorful, wacky or creative looking.. double score!
  • I’m enthusiastic! When I love something, I really LOVE it!
  • Latin American and Italian foods are my favorite
  • I love to P-A-R-T-Y, socialize and visit with friends!
  • Nutella Crepes = LOVE

So I’ve had this web domain for years! I loved the name Inspiration Files because I wanted to use it as a place where I can share whatever and whomever inspires me. I also put together “inspiration files” for my clients when auditing/critiquing their website, business and branding.

I’ve stayed so busy with client work and my family that I have yet to fulfill my big vision for this website and my blog. I’m a total perfectionist and have big ideas. Ideas that I tell myself will have to wait until I can fully bring them to life…. but life isn’t perfect, is it? Nope! More times than not, it is very raw. Despite all the perfection we see on Instagram, life doesn’t really always happen that way, so I’ve decided to throw caution to the wind and just go for it already!

Sooo….. what’s to come?

  • Interviews with local businesses, I’ll be picking their brain and talking about their branding, the design of their store and more!
  • Interviews with interesting Chicagoan’s and beyond. “Who is the smart and sassy pharmacist at my local Walgreen’s with the fabulous fro that looks like she could be a model?”.  “What’s the story behind the CPS teacher riding the Brownline L and reading #Girlboss?”. We shall find out about these people and more!
  • People, places and things that inspire me and or evoke emotion.
  • Just for Fun… Music, memories, nostalgic pop culture, silliness and beyond!!!

I also hope to produce live, creative and motivational workshops and talks in the near future.

Are you finally diving into something you’ve been meaning to pursue? Let me know what dreams you hope to realize this year comments below!




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